Operating In Your Gifts

It seems all we hear about these days is living your purpose, discovering your gifts, understanding why you’re here and making your mark. Figure out what you love to do, they say. But some people love to sing and really can’t sing. Some love to cook but have yet to win many over with their gourmet dishes. I do believe you should love something about the gifts you share but even more important than loving the gift alone, be sure you are pretty good at it. Know for sure that once you give it your all, it can and will produce some amazing and life-changing results for others and for yourself.

Why is it so important for you to get this?

One good thing about this kind of focus in your life is it leaves very little time to be distracted by or become involved in all the negativity that exists. Feeling frustrated way too often? Tired of feeling like you’re going nowhere, not progressing? Feel like you waste a lot of time throughout your day? Feel like something meaningful is missing in your life? If you can relate to any of these, check your service pulse. What are you doing to serve others? What part of you are you nurturing so that it will grow into something needed by others? When you spend time working on yourself and you do it with your goals in mind, there will be very little time for all the wrong things you could be doing. There will be very little time to engage in all the negative, nonproductive activity that surrounds you. Your time will become occupied with all things healthy. When you take a chance on yourself and delve into something that can give your life purpose for good, your desires will change. You will begin to find yourself yearning for a much healthier lifestyle, wanting healthier friendships and relationships. You will even begin to steer away from the easily accessible negative thinking, gossip, self-loathing and many other self-defeating desires. It will become your ‘no’ without the need to explain.

The other good thing about this kind of focus in your life is that your gifts are not only about what you can do for others. Believe it or not, your gifts of service to others are also there to protect the truth of who you are, to bring you a sense of peace, peaceful living and to help you experience a sense of gratitude for the life you’ve been given. Operating in your gifts is the catalyst to you experiencing life at its fullest. It is the key to you enjoying your life. Want to be happy? Get busy with your life in a way that is productive and rewarding.

If you are unclear about your purpose or what gifts and talents you have that will produce a give-and-receive kind of lifestyle for you, there are signs all around you. The repeated compliments you get from others on how good you are at something; that’s a sign. The talents you have which come natural to you and others wish for; that’s a sign. The effortless ways in which you make a difference in the lives of others; that’s a sign. Your life is full of signs but it is up to you to learn the value of what you have to offer. 

Natural gifts are often overlooked and treated as nothing more than a hobby, something to do in spare time, or when the feeling hits. Unfortunately, this is where many will miss the opportunity to change lives with the very things they are good at doing. Always playing it safe, never taking chances and avoiding anything that requires discipline and consistency will keep you at the hobby level forever.

Although you may be gifted at something and even love doing it, a sometimes major challenge comes when it’s time to make a living doing it; when it’s time to put in the work. The freedom or free will that allows you to do what you do when you feel like doing it will cause many to miss their mark. No desire or discipline to put in the work; the work behind the scenes that nobody sees. The unexpected challenges, the setbacks, the time away from what everybody else is doing, the patience, the small steps; not willing to have these moments may cause you to never see your potential to fruition. Living life with no real obligations, no expectations of service to others, no goals with an end date in mind and with a false sense of freedom to do as you please may cause you to miss your protected peace, your livelihood and many other provisions. Yes, it can be overwhelming to think of all the time, discipline and patience that are required to see your gifts manifest. For this reason, it is important to take one step at a time, start small, take each day by day and trust the work you put in. There is a required mindset in success that includes having patience and believing everything you do is progress, even when you don’t see progress right away. Always be aware that it is very easy to become distracted or anxious when you don’t get the feedback or acknowledgment you think you deserve. It is very  easy to become doubtful when your expectations of others are not met. It is very easy to become fearful when you share too much with others who are more than willing to help you doubt what you can do. When you think about too much too soon, trying to have answers to all your concerns at once, you will find yourself overwhelmed and ready to give up. But when you learn to find some level of joy in every step, every day, success is already existing. Believe it and keep going.

The most important thing to remember is there are two sides to the joy your gifts can bring. The difference you can make for others comes from the same place that will help you live a peaceful life. You give through your gifts. You receive through your gifts. When you find yourself consistently frustrated, unhappy, without hope or feeling useless, it is most likely that you are not operating in what you should be doing to serve others. It is most likely that you are not challenging yourself to give from the best of who you are. The more you need and desire peace in your life, the harder you should work  towards serving others. They both draw from the same pool, which is operating  in your gifts.

Tawana R. Powell

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