How Did I Get Here?

In the midst of a pandemic that has lasted much longer than many expected with still no clear end in sight, this question is likely on the minds of many. How did I get here?

The last ten months of this year, 2020, have been so mind boggling, absolutely no one could have made it believable beforehand. Many have experienced life changes that will never be forgotten. First-time devastating stories have found their way into households, workplaces and social circles of all kinds. It has been enough to make anyone stop and think, ‘how did I get here?’

Sincere condolences, first of all, to anyone who has lost loved ones during this unexpected, pivotal time we continue to endure. For those of us fortunate enough to live through this catastrophe, a time like this is the perfect opportunity to reflect personally and find any life lessons that can help us move forward with a new determination. The loss of a job, a change in livelihood and even the ending of a relationship at a time like this must be given more cause than just the pandemic itself. How were any of these in such a vulnerable position to begin with is a thought worth pondering. Not for the sake of counting failures but simply to make better decisions moving forward.

How you’ve spent your time everyday for the last year matters. What you have done with your life in the last five years and even ten years plays a role in where you are today. Decisions you’ve made in all this time and more have some effect on your position in life today. Yes, there are and will always be factors in the equation that we have no control over such as the pandemic itself, job restraints and social/physical distancing. Although these hindrances have had a dramatic impact on the normalcy of life, even still, we must understand these disruptions alone cannot take full blame for set backs we have experienced during this time.

It would behoove us all to take a look back at the ways in which we’ve spent our time even before this year, way before this year, especially if the pandemic has brought disappointments and uncomfortable adjustments. A time of disaster always presents many lessons and eye-openers which makes it an opportune time to decide what we’ll start doing better. Time is our most precious commodity and how we decide to spend it from day to day will always show up in our lives in one way or another. Even coming out of the pandemic, which will indeed happen, you will likely be forced once again, to look back at what you have and have not done even during this time of much separation from others. If you haven’t used this time wisely, once everything is back up and running, you may very well find yourself once again asking yourself, ‘How did I get here?” Whether you find yourself disappointed about your employment status, your health status, your relationship status, etc., if you’re willing to be open and honest with yourself and willing to pay attention, there will be lessons on what to do better going forward. Always get the lessons so you can better prepare for the next unexpected calamity and for the journey of life itself.

Tawana R. Powell

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