Purging for the new year

Purging, cleaning out and second chances are some of the most liberating moments in life, as it is these moments that bring clarity and offer the chance to start over once again.  A chance to start over, to try again, to have in front of you that very opportunity to make things right, are like gold.  They allow you the chance to forgive yourself for past mistakes, past doubts and the many past excuses that have justified everything you haven’t done.  Fortunately, for anyone willing to take advantage, every year brings one of the most exciting holidays of its own, my favorite, New Year’s Day!

Although it is not set in stone, required or the only moment to start over, the beginning of a new year is celebrated in such a way, that it becomes at least one of the best times to regroup, to revisit, and get rejuvenated.  The newness welcomes a rise in adrenaline, excitement, a renewed hope, and the desire to reflect on the good and the not-so-good.  It is a time that many of us find ourselves thinking, perhaps a little deeper, about the many occurrences we’ve experienced within the year, especially the unexpected ones, grateful for the outcome of them all.  Closing out one year and heading to the next is a good time to recognize your strengths and acknowledge God’s grace because these together are what bring us through each and every year.

Purging is a much needed task in some areas of life that helps bring on a new determination to start the next year lighter, brighter, and with a renewed hope.  For some, it will only be a passing thought, a wish, or a seemingly unattainable goal.  For others, some form of purging becomes imperative with no exceptions because there’s no other way to start a brand new year than to release, clean up and make room.  There are what some call heavy loads, that sometimes meet us at the end of any given year; heavy loads on our hearts and on our minds, leaving many unanswered questions.  The end of a year is often found to be a good time to release and let go of some of these loads.  This is a form of purging that can help you renew your faith into the new year, believing that in all things, God always has your best interest at heart.

One of the more popular forms of purging lately has become that of eliminating the many social connections accumulated over the last few years.  Many have perfected such purging, even making it a daily ritual, especially if it means getting rid of any negative energy that could hinder even the simplest opportunity to progress.  Purging for the new year, however, is also needed in other areas of life besides our social connections.  There is a much needed mental purge that goes very well with welcoming a brand new year.  There is also a physical purging likely needed and most important, a spiritual one.

Taking the time to determine what information you have taken in throughout the year and whether or not that information has been beneficial, enlightening and uplifting is an absolute must in starting the new year strong and on a positive note.  Thinking about the fears you surpassed within the year and the challenges you actually overcame are two strength-builders worth making note of as you purge misinformation.  As the new year rolls in, making an assessment of where you are mentally; your thoughts, your concerns and your desires for the new year, can give you a mentally healthy start that is much needed to receive all that a new year brings.

Just  as important as your mental state going into the new year, is your physical space.  Although your surroundings alone do not determine your progress in life, it is important to assess the very things, circumstances and people taking up space in your daily life.  Understanding the importance of each will help provide the clarity you need to make it all work together in a positive way.  Making an assessment of your physical space can also help you recognize the changes that need to be made, not necessarily changing all in a day’s time but certainly working towards the changes on a consistent basis.  Whether your home needs to be cleaned out, storage space revamped, boxes removed, etc; purging throughout your physical space is vital to your success in experiencing mental clarity.  When you feel free in your personal space because of the people around you, because of your ability to work through circumstances, and because of the things you have, such freedom will allow you to see more clearly, from where you’ve come, where you are now, and to where you’re headed.  Your awareness and acceptance of your physical space and that which dwells within is very important in your ability to progress.

The most important of your purging for the new year will be that of a spiritual purge.  All year long, there have been doubts.  There have been fears.  There has been rejection.  Whether these came from you or someone around you, now is the time to acknowledge the power they actually did not have.  You’ve not only survived but also thrived in some areas of your life throughout the year in spite of those fears and doubts.  You can now look at the rejection as simply a rerouting instead.  Opportunity has been proven to exist in directions you had no intention of going.  Before you go into the new year, relieve yourself of anything that weighs your spirit down.  Even in matters you may not quite understand or in matters where you may be wrong in your thoughts about something or someone.  Relieve yourself of such, at least long enough to begin the year with a light spirit, a peaceful spirit and a renewed hope.  Life and time have a way of making everything clear to you at the right time.

So purging it is and the time to start is now!  Old, defeating thoughts, playing over and over in your mind, keeping you bound.  Purge!  Things and people keeping you closed off from the freedom of being an authentic you.  Purge!  Any negative energy, weighing on your spirit, day after day.  Purge!  Another old year is proof once again, that God’s grace is sufficient for  you.  Prepare to receive a new year as the gift it is by purging away the old and useless.  Free your mind, free your heart and go into the new year ready to give and receive the best.

Here’s to your 2017…

Author Tawana R. Powell

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