Staying the course

There is promise in consistency, in faith, and in your own personal strengths if and only if you learn to stay the course.

How many times do you hear about the importance of staying focused?  Especially today, with so many distractions, so many invitations, and so many bandwagons to jump on, the ability to stay focused is almost the only way to succeed in whatever it is you’ve embraced as your life’s dreams.  Staying the course, in spite of whatever else may be going on outside of your primary concerns, is a must if you ever want to see your dreams manifest into reality.

Not everyone, however, will stay the course of their own path.  There become too many temptations to jump ship from what their own heart desires.  Paying too much attention to how good it looks for others who are on their own course will cause some to completely abandon their own personal strengths and their own power that lies within.  It is even more challenging to stay the course when you don’t have a strong belief in and respect for your own intuitions, your own gut feelings.  Too often, too many people find themselves, if they’re honest, placing more value on what others think about them and even on what others see in them, when in many cases others often have no idea what lies within that heart, that soul, or what entails in those deepest desires.  Don’t let that be you!

There is so much power in learning to appreciate the Godly desires which lie within your own being.  Different though they may be than those around you.  Different though they may be than those whom you deem happy and successful.  Placing a higher value on someone else’s journey is one of the biggest mistakes you can make in your lifetime.  The world can never receive your best when you try to take on the journey of another being, simply because you’ve somehow been coerced into believing another life is better than your own.

If you struggle with believing there is value in the dreams you have or that there is value in the difference you want to make, pray.  Ask God to show you and give you clarity on the special being He’s made in you.  Pray for guidance, confidence, and an everlasting discipline that will all help you stay the course into becoming who God would have you to be.  We live in a very noisy world.  Until you find the discipline to tune out many things and many people, you may find yourself always hungry for another man’s journey.  But when you trust God and continually ask for His guidance, you will eventually see and connect with your own personal strengths and learn to tie them to the services you were meant to provide to those around you and even to the world at large.

A lot of time is wasted, wanting to be who someone else is, wanting to have what someone else has, and in wanting to live the life others are living.  Until you trust that which lies within, always speaking to you, also grabbing for your attention, you will never know the power you have or the difference you can truly make in a lifetime.

There is promise in consistency, in faith, and in your own personal strengths if and only if you learn to stay the course in your own journey.

Author Tawana R Powell

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