Creating a habit of positive energy

Imagine living a life in which you are always positive; positive when it comes to personal challenges, positive when others can’t see their way, positive when none of your plans unfold, and positive when disappointment arises.  Sometimes you have to think and imagine your way to the reality of such wishes.  Once you imagine it, believe it, and breathe it, then perhaps you can live it. 

People often say they can feel your energy before you even speak or before you enter completely into their presence. Sometimes that’s really good and sometimes it’s not so good.  There are parts of you that play a significant role in the energy you bring such as your demeanor, your facial expressions, and even the tone in your voice.  Because it is impossible to control every single instance of each of these all the time, it is important to work on having a positive mindset as often as you can, towards all that you can.  It is important to have the positive mindset because what you are thinking will very often play out in your demeanor, in your facial expressions, and in your tone of voice.  Taking time to take notice of where you are mentally, on a consistent basis, is what will help you create a habit of positive energy and spread such energy to those around you.

Positive energy can also cover your entire being when you have faith that everything about your life is working in your favor.  When you’re mature in your faith enough to know that setbacks are not God’s way of punishing you but are instead, opportunities to learn a lesson or two and to strengthen areas in your life where you may fall short.  Understanding and accepting that everything and everyday will not always be without challenges but those unexpected challenges can be overcome much better and possibly sooner when you’ve created a habit of carrying with you a welcoming energy that is positive and hopeful.  Faith and negative energy do not work together.  Always looking for the bad, expecting bad, and even hoping secretly for the downfall of others, all help display the negative energy you may think you have hidden so well.  Having a sincere faith about your own life, however, is what helps you grow into a demeanor filled with positive energy.  Having a sincere faith about your own life will show in the way you carry yourself and in the way you are heard.

Creating a habit of living with positive energy everyday is not only possible for the imagination.  It is a way of living that can make a major difference in the way you relate to others and in the way others receive you.  Your energy will also play a major role in your own personal growth and in your ability to achieve.  Positive energy will cause you to create a habit of looking for the good that others achieve instead of looking for their setbacks or downfalls.  It will also allow you to have hope, not only for your own successes but for the successes of others.  It’s a good feeling to be positive, to think positive, and to have a consistent expectation of God’s goodness manifesting in your life.  It’s all a matter of choice and self-respect.  The energy you allow to carry you through each day and the energy you bring to others both say a lot about what you want for yourself and know that you deserve.  Make it a habit to love on yourself, learn to like you, think loving thoughts about yourself, and treat yourself well, so that this same energy will spill over into the contact you have with others.  It is true that the way you relate to others is a true reflection of what you think of yourself.  Even the unwarranted sour feelings you have towards others reflect what you believe and feel about yourself.

So get into a habit of living with positive energy!  Wake up with it.  Think with it.  Greet people with it!  Defeat everything negative with it.  Positive energy is your connection to God’s goodness which awaits you every morning.  When you learn to have positive energy towards yourself and your own life, it automatically reciprocates the same towards others.  Because of all the blessings that flow through a positive mindset, living with positive energy is what you call real living.

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