Who’s Approval Do You Need?

Not only is it important that we know who we are but it is as equally important that we know who’s approval we need. Knowing whose we are is a must if we want clarification on who’s approval we need. The need for approval is a part of human nature, so the question is never whether or not we need it. The important question is “who do we need it from?” Who do we want to impress? Who’s acceptance do we need?


Fads have always been an interesting topic to me. I can never understand why everybody wants to look the same physically or successfully and the one thing I like the least about fads is they don’t allow individuals to think for themselves. Fads make all your decisions for you. “This is how you should look.” “This is what will make you better than others.” “This is what you need to get approval from others.” But who’s approval do we need? And why? When we can answer these two questions with our own best interests at heart, the latests fads will not be our top priority. When we can answer these two questions with a reasonable answer, we use our own mind, make our own decisions, and feel good about the decisions we make for ourselves. The key thing to keep in mind, however, is that our decisions may not be the same as the majority and could possibly allow us to believe that we don’t fit in. But who ever said we needed to ‘fit in’? For this very reason, it is important to be clear about who’s approval we need.


If you ever find yourself standing in line to purchase the latest fad, I dare you to ask yourself as you wait, “Why am I here?”. “What will it mean to have this thing I’m standing in line for.” And even if you’re not standing in line, but might find yourself having a deep desire for something you must have, thinking about these same questions can be just as important. Nothing is wrong with having valuables but we must be clear about where they fall in our line of priorities.


Another important factor involved in getting an understanding of who’s approval we need is the recognition of friends, people of great stature, and those who seem to be on top of the world. Too often, these are the people we need approval from, want to impress and want to be like. Too often, we target people who don’t even know us and certainly have no concern about our well-being, people we shouldn’t even expect to care for us. With all the access we have to entertainment and reality tv, our vision of who we should be can become extremely clouded and send our own lives into a whirlwind of deception. When trying to get a grip on who it is we want to impress, it is important to understand that there will be many people who come across our lives and into our lives through many different avenues who seem to have it all together. And they may actually have it together but it is important that we don’t allow their success to distract us in our own search of who we want to be and who we want to impress. Be yourself and think for yourself. And trust that your best has nothing to do with another and it certainly doesn’t look like another.

How to determine who’s approval you need? It’s the one or ones who always have your best interest at heart and those who are sincere about their desire to see you achieve and accomplish your goals. For me personally, that would be God. And who do I want to impress? My children. Think hard about who it is you’re trying to impress and need approval from. Your answers can provide alot of clarity for you in regards to why you want what you want, do what you do, and do who you do. And know that it’s okay if you need to make changes to who your targets are but it’s not ok if you know you need to change them and never do.





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