Trust Your Gift, Nurture It, & Watch Your Gift Make Room

Even in the hustle and bustle of life and with all that goes on around us, it can never be stressed enough, that our greatest requirement is to serve a purpose. There’s nothing else in the world that can simultaneously give us joy and make a difference for another like that which we’re expected to do, that which is known as our gift. Everybody has at least one and we all have enough in the form of gifts to bring us complete fulfillment, if only we would trust our own.

To start, trusting your gift is a must if it is ever to unfold as it should. But one’s gift is often the most difficult thing for many to acknowledge. Why? Because it doesn’t look like everybody else’s gift. It doesn’t show the money fast or clear enough, and because it may not come with a spotlight in Hollywood. Yes, we all have to work to eat and pay bills but some things can also become never-ending excuses for why that is all we do. And for anyone who is serious about discovering their gift or gifts, it takes a great deal of honesty with oneself. If you take the time, you will recognize those accomplishments and daily tasks that give you a real sense of gratification, that which makes the adrenaline rise, that thing that comes second-nature. Take notice of the things that you can do that others wish they could do. Sometimes our gift can come so second-nature that it’s blown off as just something to do. And if we continue to take these things for granted, don’t ever take real notice and get serious about it, some gifts do dwindle away. If you do dare to take a chance, take your eyes off of what everybody else is doing, find quiet time on a regular basis to reflect and get in tune with what really does drive you, perhaps you will discover that which has been planted within, waiting to be nurtured.

For those who are intuitive enough to recognize that which is special about themselves, it is a great accomplishment indeed. But then comes a time when you must get serious about your gift, find ways to nurture it so that it will make room for you, room for you to even make a living. Nurturing a gift is a must no matter how easy it comes. We all know that knowledge is power. We hear it all the time. But what we sometimes don’t want to acknowledge is that gaining knowledge comes by taking time to study and get educated. Too often we want to bypass the discipline of nurturing our gifts and that could be the very reason we never realize what they are. As fortunate as we are to live in a time with the access we have to so much technology, social websites, and so many other connections, some of these opportunities can also become unfortunate. Nobody goes to school on reality tv, yet we view these shows as the success we want. Giving our time towards such can even cause us to forget the importance of nurturing gifts or even make us believe that everything we want should come quick and easy. Some of us have even completely ignored that which gives us joy because it has no ties to the lifestyles we see on tv or around us. But if you never learn to trust your own gift, simply because it looks different than those around you, how can you ever really prosper? We all want to be happy. We all want to be successful. But sadly enough, we’ve become too busy watching what everything and everybody else ‘look like’, and deem that as the only hope for success. This very deception will cause most to never acknowledge that which burns deep within simply because it’s different. What a tragedy.

The reality is that no matter what everybody else is doing, this life dares you to have enough respect for yourself to trust your own gifts. Find the time and ways to nurture your gifts so that you can reap the rewards of them. One truth about being educated in your gift is that when you’re educated enough to make things happen, nobody cares what you look like. And if you can find enough peace within to accept that which you’re called to share in this world, the rewards can be limitless. That is something you simply have to trust. And it can only happen when you have the courage to take your eyes off of others. Recognize that your path is never meant to travel the same way as someone else. Never focus on what looks like success because the distraction of another’s success is fatal. Trust your own gifts and the journey they have prepared only for you. Take the time to acknowledge and nurture your gifts constantly. Success was never meant to be an overnight accomplishment. Success is a lifestyle. Success is a journey. Trust your own and it will bring you the greatest joy.

Tawana R. Powell


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