The Battle Between Past Mistakes & Future Success

The greatest stronghold on your ability to succeed will be past mistakes. Although they may offer some of the greatest lessons, to ignore the responsibilities created from them will deter you from moving forward and finding success.

Some call it a ‘light-bulb moment’, some have an epiphany. It’s the time in your life when you finally realize the key to success and you began understanding the ways to create a better life for yourself. To surrender to the truth, however, about the changes that need to be made doesn’t mean the consequences of past mistakes will disappear. Therefore, the amount of time and energy you apply to a better future should also be the same amount of time you place in cleaning up the mess left from past mistakes.

One of the biggest mistakes made is the decision to ignore financial obligations. All the bills and debt created from irresponsible choices in the past cannot be overlooked simply because you now know how to make better financial decisions. Obviously, the obligations don’t disappear and neither should your memory. No matter how much you push away and ignore previous obligations, they do find a corner somewhere in your life to settle. Even when you think you’ve escaped the obligation, you’ve missed the lesson of responsibility. And when this same challenge comes around again, you will not be equipped with the conscience to do what is right. Instead, you will find it easier to continue overlooking and disowning responsibility and yet because you still have a determination to be happy, the only option left will be to pretend or appear to be in control in the eyes of everyone else.

For those who reach the moment of surrendering to what you’ve been called to do but know that past obligations are taking a toll, it is most important that you don’t allow those obligations to defeat you. It is always easiest to give up when it seems that past obligations, especially the financial ones, won’t give. And many have given in to the defeat. Not only should you continue to handle what is expected of you but you should also value the lessons that go along with it. The lessons are not there to make you believe things will never get better. They are there to help you realize better decisions could’ve been made and better decisions should be made going forward. Obligations may seem to hold you back from what you want to do now but faith and perseverance will eventually get you there.

Because of past obligations, many give in to defeat, still don’t handle responsibilities, and lose all hope for a better future. As they say, ‘only the strong will survive’. Only those who accept responsiblity of any decisions made and see them through will reap a true sense of what it means to be successful. Setbacks are opportunities to work through something. They make you stronger when you see them through. They make you weaker when you choose not to see. Everybody makes mistakes and many make bad decisions financially, big and small. Nothing can change the fact that you’re responsible for the choices you make but what you decide to do about those choices can change everything. Take responsiblity no matter how long it takes to see obligations through. When God knows you’re sincere about taking steps to clean up any mess you’ve made, doors will begin to open and ways will be made. A willing heart is what it takes to make all the difference. Be responsible.



Tawana R. Powell

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