Simply For the Love of It

Whether we acknowledge it or not, there’s a reason behind everything we do. Even when we start out on the right foot with what we do, different challenges can come along and completely change our reason for doing, if we let them. In all that we do, reasoning will be the foundation of it all. Therefore, be clear about why you do what you do. Always keep your recipients in mind. And always keep your heart in the midst.

Getting started with a focused mind can be achieved by anyone. We’ve all been there. Staying focused, however, is the challenge. The greatest secret to staying focused is having the ability to keep your heart in the midst of that which you do. It’s the heart that you must keep in the midst because doing so helps avoid being distracted by those who say you can’t. Those who want to distract you, some call them haters, will do and say whatever they must to keep you from progressing. Give them the attention they’re after, and your reason or drive for doing what you do turns completely away from your love and goes deep into a need to prove; a need to prove them wrong.

Understanding the difference between doing something for the love and doing what you do to prove others wrong.

When you develop a need to prove others wrong , you completely lose sight of the love from which you began. It no longer matters if you are really meeting the needs of others. When you’re in a state of proving, you are more likely to make bad decisions, take unnecessary chances, and become anxious about every step you take. When you become determined to prove others wrong, you become so obsessed with doing so, that before you know it, the negativity becomes a part of what you actually believe about yourself. Frustration takes on a major role in your doing what you do because believe it or not, you’ve likely began to believe what others say. Doubt begins to say to you, ‘Maybe I can’t do this’, ‘maybe they’re right’.

But when you do something for the love of it, you work in a peaceful manner. You are more likely to take your time and will always find yourself doing a heart check with every decision you make. You will make decisions as best you can and as close as you can to doing what is right. When you do something for the love of it, you become so engrossed in that which you do, that it doesn’t matter what others are saying. In fact, a lot of it will go right over your head. The greatest realization you can come to when there is negativity around, is learning that the hate and doubt is really not about you anyway. Success makes you a target for someone to release their own self-doubt upon. And if you bite, they will drive their issues into you and into your drive as far and as long as they can.

Know that there will always be a different outcome when you do what you do for the love of it and when you do to prove others wrong. The love for what you do will always bring a sense of gratitude and satisfaction for the difference you do make, whether big or small, and whatever that difference might be. Your love will allow you to remain open to whatever should come because you refrain from giving yourself ultimatums. Ultimatums appear when you become preoccupied and distracted with the need to prove others wrong. You place demands on yourself that instantly take away from the love you once had. Unfortunately, what you will find on your journey to prove others wrong is that when you actually do succeed in your proving, they will still have something to say. Why? Because it was never about you in the first place. It was never your battle.

Lebron James said it best after the Miami Heat won the NBA championship. He discussed how he played with a lot of hate last year because of all that was going on and because of all that others had to say. But when he figured out, this year, how to bring his love for playing basketball back into the game….look where it got him. His contribution to the entire championship series was amazing. It is never a good idea to give so much attention to those who hate. If anything, have compassion for them, because being in such a state simply means there’s something going on inside the hearts of others that you cannot fix. But when you do what you do simply for the love, not only will the negativity not matter, but the rewards will be greater than what you imagined for yourself and greater than what you imagined for your recipients. Keep your heart in the midst so that anything and anybody around you that can’t relate will dissipate.

Do it for the love….there’s no other way.

Be blessed…

Tawana R. Powell

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