Productive Thinking

As my kids walk out the door each morning to catch their ride to school with Dad, somebody’s mind is sure to be on racing to the front seat. Sure enough, with such a thought at the forefront of their mind, a lunch bag or binder is left behind. As a mother who is always concerned about their thought process, a lesson awaits that evening.

Your thoughts can tell a lot about why you forget the more important matters at hand. The more you take the time to revisit your actions, the more you will see the connection. Too busy thinking about irrelevant matters can lead you to missing out on time-sensitive productivity. But the thought alone is not your only challenge. The energy and intentions that accompany a thought, as well as the desired result will also play important roles.

The energy that leads up to and follows through with your thoughts are significant in that it is the source from which your thoughts begin . The energy produced within along with intention determine how your mind defaults to the same unproductive thought pattern too often. Also, the result that stems from your thoughts is working for you in a way that must offer some sort of satisfaction or you would not continue to repeat. So what you must figure out is why some thoughts work for you? What are they producing that continues to lead you to the same thought pattern consistently? Do the results really bring satisfaction or do you end up suffering consequences? Are you processing thoughts with positive or negative intentions? The energy from your intentions will help determine for you, the kind of results you are likely to experience.

So I ask one child, ‘was it worth leaving behind your binder full of homework to turn in for today’s credit?’ If your intentions were to sit up front because more room is provided for your child-sized legs; room that in no way could be accommodated by the back seat, then perhaps your efforts were worth leaving behind your work. But if your intentions involved beating out your sibling to the front seat for the pure satisfaction of doing so just because, then it was likely not worth the consequences of incomplete homework.

On another day, the consequence of running to the front seat for little sister was leaving a lunch bag behind. Again, if you pay attention to your intentions, your reasoning must be worth the action so that your experience is satisfaction rather than a consequence. So the question becomes, ‘As much as you hate cafeteria food, was the front seat ride worth the consequence of eating nasty food?’ Likely not. Consumed with the thought and the intention of beating brother to the front seat led to an unwanted consequence. But when you form the habit of thinking more productive thoughts, you have a greater chance of having more satisfactory experiences rather than unwanted consequences.

Productive thinking equates to a productive day but it cannot exist without pure intentions and positive energy. If your day often ends on a more consequential note as opposed to satisfactory results, weigh in on your thought process, especially as you begin a day, begin a project, or begin a relationship. Anything new deserves your best thought process, your best intentions, and your best energy because thoughts typically lead to similar thoughts over a period of time. Productive thinking doesn’t always come naturally but over time, creating the habit of consistent productive thinking will.

Think well and be blessed.

Tawana R. Powell

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