NoOne is Perfect…But Is Anyone Striving To Be?

“NOBODY’S PERFECT”. It’s the answer that we live by, the answer that keeps us sane, and the answer that often times lets us off the hook, perhaps too often.

One might ask, “Why strive for the goal of perfection which is never attainable?” The most important aspect of living such a life is the journey. Why? Because the journey to perfection is where one finds opportunities for growth, opportunities to build upon one’s strengths, challenge one’s weaknesses, and embark upon many opportunities for new endeavors. When you live such a life, you begin to realize that the journey becomes just as important as the destination itself, if not more.

There are many reasons, however, why some might say there’s no use in aiming so high. The main reasons are usually fear and not knowing what they are even capable of themselves. Many fear facing their own weaknesses and actually doing something about them. Some fear what others might think, the ridicule and criticism one might receive. Some need the comfort zone of living the average life so they’re not pointed out as being different. Some need to please others in order to be liked and would never have the audacity to try and better themselves. There are also those who will never pay enough attention to their own lives because of the habit they’ve developed as the ’professional responder’, one who is always found only responding to everything done by others with negative and degrading remarks that benefit noone.

Inspite of what others might want you to believe about yourself, to strive for perfection does not mean you think you’re better than others, a claim that so many try to place on others. What it means is you decide to look beyond the fear that holds so many back. It means you decide to experience the life you know you were meant to experience. Sure, you may lose a few friends, although I hesitate to say ‘friends’. You may also experience the ridicule and criticism that comes along with the ignorance of one just not knowing any better. But one thing is for sure, the admiration from others for your courage to strive for perfection far outweighs what the naysayers have to say. The hope that you plant in others by doing so far exceeds the doubt that others try to plant in you.

So I say yes! Strive for perfection everyday. It’s a journey that simply gives you ‘a life’. And although it may take courage to make such a decision, the joy it brings throughout the journey has been proven to be worthy time and time again.

Strive and believe! The journey awaits….just for you.

Tawana R. Powell

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