New Year’s Resolution already doomed?

….and reality set back in? If it has, that’s a good thing. The new year is absolutely a great starting point for many things, but that doesn’t mean the old disappears. Instead of always trying to throw the old under the rug, pretending things didn’t happen last year or even years before, it is much more beneficial when we do remember and reflect, specifically for the purpose of growing.

In order to address any issues for the new year, we should always be clear about why these issues exist in the first place. And the only way we can find clarity is to reflect. Yes, it may be painful to think about the ways we’ve disrespected ourselves in the past. It may also be uncomfortable to admit that we haven’t always made the best financial decisions. And there may be many more. Admitting anything to ourselves about ourselves is perhaps the most difficult task to accomplish but it is indeed the most beneficial accomplishment for ourselves, and eventually for those around us.

Most New Year’s resolutions don’t hold up because we haven’t established the foundation for why the resolutions are needed. A foundation includes the understanding of why the changes need to take place and a clear understanding of the future that such changes will lead to. A foundation is simply a reminder. It is needed for the times we become discouraged and doubtful that things will get better. The hype of a new year can also cause us to easily get burned out with the new changes we’re adjusting to. Those rough moments will certainly come and without a clear reminder of why we are making changes in the first place, the discouragement, doubt, and the burning out will overrule our determination and take us right back to old ways.

None of us can grow without the ability to self examine or without the ability to reflect. Until we realize that, there will be no substantial growth. Also, our desires to change for the better cannot only be for our own good. There has to be at least a speck of hope for others who can benefit from the changes we make. Why do we want to make changes? Why be a better person? If the answers only include what it means for us alone, our foundation is as weak as it gets. But when we think of the hope that our living can offer to others, when someone else desires to be better because of us, that is the link that connects us all to one another. And with that link comes nothing but strength.

So instead of falling for the hype of a new year every year, only to fail around the middle of January and wait for the next year to start again, give some time to in-depth self-examination and reflection. Instead of always falling for what everybody says is now ‘the in thing’, something that will likely leave you further behind and keep you bound, learn to listen to the voice of God. Take a chance and actually use the intuition he has blessed you with to establish a foundation for your growth. We’ve all made enough mistakes and have had enough self-doubt that we can use to help create that foundation and begin again. With the ability to reflect and learn from our past, we are less likely to give up on the challenge of living a better life.

Reflecting, as ugly as it can get sometimes, should always end on a positive note….what and how can I do better. Without it, there’s no avenue for real change.

Happy Foundation all year long!


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