Living Your Truth

The truth of the matter is that no matter what journey one will take in life to reach their ultimate goals, you will find at the core of every desired goal, the need for a true peace of mind. Satisfaction in reaching the full capacity of any goal can only be found when one has the ability to obtain such peace. And how do you obtain it? One word. Truth.

There are some things we are born with that might help us succeed in life. But one thing we are not born with and must learn in order to succeed is our truth. We must learn the truth about who we are, how beautiful we are, how smart we are, and most important, what we are capable of achieving. Some will learn their truth at a very early age in life. Others will teach themselves about their truth at a later stage in life, and some never learn.

There are two sides of truth and each side has it’s purpose. One side is represented by our inadequacies and the other is represented by our good. Yes, our truth may be full of inadequacies but it is important that we do not use our inadequacies to demean ourselves but instead, embrace them and learn the ways in which we need to better ourselves. It is also important that we realize there are many around us who will even teach us how to be and feel inadequate. We experience this because people can only teach us what they know about themselves and too many have learned to live by their inadequacies alone. Be careful to never adopt the inadequacies of another.

The other side of truth is our good. Some call this side our attributes. Although it is important that we gear more of our energy towards this side of our truth, it is also important that we learn to embrace our good with gratefulness and humility. When we allow ourselves to believe that we are better than others because of our attributes, we can never obtain that true peace of mind we desire. When we do live in our own good, it is then that we long to see that same good in others. When you find yourself approaching others with the hope of detecting inadequacies, there is a great chance that you have yet to tap into, recognize, and embrace your own good.

Learn to believe your truth and make it all work for your good. Never let anyone take away your truth and be careful to never pass your own inadequacies to anyone. Living our truth awaits us all. It just depends on how bad you want to live it!


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