Happiness. We all want it and some spend a lifetime trying to find it. My take on it is that happiness cannot be found but instead must come on it’s own. But how can we be sure that it will come? Search for your purpose in life and dwell in the fulfillment your purpose brings, and in the midst of that fulfillment will lie the happiness you’ve always longed for.

It is true that our purpose in life will always be equipped with ways in which we make life better for others and will also allow us to make a difference in our lifetime. Our purpose brings gratification because of that opportunity it allows for us to help others and such gratification leaves us fulfilled. However, it is also important to understand that our purpose is not only meant to help others but it also plays a very important role in our own lives. When we discover what our purpose is, live in it, and apply it in our life, we will find that there is a light in our life that cannot be explained. Our purpose brings out our best. It draws others to us. It makes us peculiar and draws an abundance of interest and curiosity from others. When we’re at our best, we will find that everything and everybody around us will receive the proper nourishment they need, which will in turn, add the happiness we deserve.

Living in our purpose allows us to experience the highest esteem a life can display and we all know how much love a high self-esteem can draw. In the midst of our purpose is where we will experience that highest esteem, allowing so many other things to fall into place. Other things like happiness, fulfilled relationships, and peace of mind.

So don’t search for happiness. Happiness will come on it’s own and in so many ways once you’ve discovered the most important aspect of your life….your Purpose.




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