Growth Sometimes Calls for Drastic Changes

It all depends on how determined you are to experience growth and see change take place in your life. It all depends on your ability to reevaluate every part of your life and compare the differences between time periods. Taking the initiative to reevaluate every area of your life will sometimes demand making drastic changes when growth has come to a halt.

Sometimes it takes a moment to even realize you’ve gotten off course with your desire to grow, but once you realize the depth of distraction that has taken place, a change must be made. Sometimes the change may be small, sometimes drastic. Your determination to grow will determine which needs to take place. The challenge with one’s desire to grow will always be confronted with the question, ‘how bad do you want it?’. You will constantly have confrontation with the distractions of people and things that take your mind too far away from your safety net too long.

When the time comes to make a change, what might seem drastic to someone else may not seem drastic to you. No matter what level of change needs to take place, you get the most benefit from changes when you apply less time explaining to others the changes you need to make. Your ability to grow will need little to no opinions from others on the changes that need to take place. Only you know best what and who distracts you. Only you know best what changes need to be made. When making changes, the most concern should be directed towards what will be lost and what will be gained. Your goal is to get refocused. Decide what changes need to be made that can get you there.

It is mostly when you’ve allowed yourself to get too far away from a place of focus that you are likely to have a need for the more drastic changes. When it’s been too long since you’ve seen the gym, you may need to completely revamp your weekly schedule. When you’ve spent an excessive amount of time on the couch or across the bed, you may need to make a conscious decision everyday to stay away from both, at least during the day. When you’ve been too preoccupied with the overload of information via social scenes or social networking, you may need to get away or close it down, at least temporarily.

These changes may seem extremely drastic to some, but in order to experience any real growth in your life, the person in the mirror deserves your direct attention to the things that occupy your mind. You cannot allow the mind to stray too far too long because your journey doesn’t typically include directions for those unexpected places that your mind decides to visit. Get a grip every moment you can. Make the necessary changes, even drastic ones. The sooner the better. Although these moments may come around often, there’s not a more profound moment in your journey than the ones that help you realize it’s time to refocus. For it is at the peak of these moments that you will decide to either throw in the towel or make some changes, even drastic changes. Know when to say when.



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