Getting Stuck In The Meantime of Life

There’s meantime and then there’s purpose.

The majority of activities that take place in our lives are likely to unfold in the ‘meantime’ moments of life. When you set goals, you’ll find there are days and periods when you have time to relax, do something fun, or even sleep. These are meantime moments. Even the 9 to 5 job you go to everyday, although it may have been the same one for years, could be the meantime of your life. Meantime moments are meant to be temporary, some to be endured longer than others, but it is always important to recognize what is ‘meantime’ in your life and what is purpose.

For many, it is a good thing to live a life with an expected routine that includes family, children, and a steady job. A daily routine has kept many of us in control of time management, chores, daily goals, and has even helped some refrain from making bad decisions. But even for the one who has perfected the daily routine, it is important to not get stuck in doing just that. There is always something more for us all to strive for, something that serves the purpose of helping others and making a difference for the better. Yes, your meantime moments will include opportunities to be a blessing to others, whether it be through a kind word, finances, or favors. But these moments are only stepping stones to the greater purpose of your life. Don’t get stuck in believing that this is as far as it goes.

The danger of meantime moments in our lives is the comfort zone therein. It’s always easy to settle in a routine, especially when everything is flowing with ease, no problems, loved ones in good health, and bills are being paid. Thank God for times like these but notice, these blessings are only about ‘us’ so even still, there is a higher calling on your life than just living with all being well with you and yours. Also, in meantime moments, there can be boredom, idleness, and unhealthy thinking, especially in the routine of life. And when we have these experiences but not careful with them, meantime moments can become what we are and who we are, driving everything we do.

So, although we have no choice in having meantime moments, it’s important to make the best of them. It’s important to make the best of the routine in our lives so we don’t get lost and forget to keep striving. It is not meant for any of us to simply live ‘meantime’ lives. But the only way to stay in control of the monotony of living is to set goals, discover purpose, and reach. Yes, CIAA is upon us and for most, this is a meantime moment to have fun. So lets do that. Let’s be safe and enjoy the moment. But when it’s over, let’s get back to the business of purpose.

Tawana R. Powell

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