Do You Learn the Lesson or Manipulate the Lesson?

It is always refreshing when life is in flow with the greatest life lessons. When there’s no need to make excuses because you are indeed doing what’s right, you praise the lesson and allow it to shine in your life. But when the lesson is in conflict with what you choose to do or how you choose to live, your instinct may be, instead of learning the lesson, to manipulate the lesson, so that you find comfort in your decisions.

Over the course of even the last few years, we have gravitated more and more towards some of the greatest life lessons in order to find peace, make peace, and honor our truth. We’ve learned that the goal is to be satisfied with the way we choose to live. Most importantly, we’ve worked towards the bottom line of peace or the appearance of peace in our own hearts. Some of those lessons we now choose to live by are ‘to only focus on the positive’, ‘to wait on God’, ‘to know that it’s our season’, and the greatest one of all, ‘to do what makes us happy, do you’.

To only focus on the positive seems like the perfect world to live in and we should try to do just that. But in order to focus on one thing, you must at least be aware of the opposite of that which you choose to focus on. And to be aware means you cannot completely disregard the opposite. Yes, focus on the positive, but not in a way that causes you to believe the negative doesn’t exist. Be aware of the negative so that it doesn’t sneak up and blind side you. Become keenly familiar with both so that you can know the importance of where your focus should lie.

It also seems that we have mastered the task of ‘waiting on God’ and there’s nothing better we want to hear than it’s our season! Waiting on God is a very wise thing to do but we must understand that this is the one time where waiting is an action verb. Unfortunately, more times than not, waiting has actually become the perfect excuse to use when we know our part has not been done, and yet we still believe it’s our season. It is better to understand that this act of waiting is found in the midst of the work, right in the midst of taking step after step, while working without becoming weary, and listening to hear from God that you’ve reached the right one, the right time, and most important, His expectations. But never should this form of waiting mean to sit by and do nothing, while having the audacity to believe ‘it’s your season’.

And the one that top’s them all, do you and do what makes you happy. Sure, that is what we all should do. But before you do, know that the challenge is not in doing just that, but it is in having clarity about that which does make you happy. Know why such fulfillment encompasses your soul if indeed it does. Does it align with what God wants for you? Sometimes we can confuse true happiness with the determination to prove happiness and such determination can become the mere reason with exist. Happiness is more beneficial when you incorporate respect for others while deciding to do what makes you happy, not just simply doing what makes you happy with total disregard for doing right by others. As part of the human race, it is much more beneficial to all when we are determined to respect one another, even those we don’t know, when deciding to ‘do me’. To live a life knowing it is never only about ‘me’ offers a much greater chance to learn the lesson and make better decisions instead of manipulating the lesson to find comfort in what we do.

Living a life of conviction without fear rather than a life of comfort without conviction makes it possible to learn rather than manipulate life’s lessons. It leads to a much greater and rewarding life. Always take the time to question, ‘What do I need to do better?’ and you’ll find that there’s even pleasure in learning more so than manipulating.



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