Get into your own zone

The best way to get where you aspire to be is to simply get into your own zone.

With all there is going on today, I dare to say we are living in the most distracting times ever.  The access we have to so many people and the continuously increasing amount of choices we get to make towards the use of our time have both, perhaps, given us more than we can handle.  When do you decide to say no to pleasure because of priorities?  When do you choose to focus on your goals and see them through?  When do you stop perfecting the excuses and begin taking the best advantage of the time you have?

Distractions today come in all different forms; people, opportunities, failures, uncertainties, tv, watching sports, social networking, gossip, etc. Until you learn to put all of these and many other distractions into perspective, giving them only an appropriate amount of attention and some, none at all, you may never obtain the ability to get into your own zone and make things happen.  We are headed into the last quarter of 2015, another year almost gone.  If you’ve accomplished nothing more than you did this time last year or in the last couple of years, it is imperative that you take notice and decide to do something about it.  There should always be some evidence of growth and progress in your life from year to year.  If this is not the case, at some point, you must be willing to admit to the distractions around you if you ever want to see a difference in your level of success.   You must be willing to acknowledge that the way you use your time is not benefiting you in the best way.  Most of all, you must find a way to avoid these distractions and get into your own zone.

Getting into your own zone means to set priorities and act on them no matter what is going on around you.  It means to value your time by not allowing anything you have control over to interrupt the time needed to engage in those priorities.  Getting into your own zone means spending a significant amount of your time differently than others, doing what it takes to reach your goals.  It means being okay with missing out on some of those guilty pleasures you so frequently acquire and instead deciding to use your time more wisely.  In your zone, there’s no room for excuses or justification.  There are no creative ways of keeping a guilty conscience at bay when wasting time on things that keep you defeated.  When you really get into your own zone, you will see room taken up only by your desire to somehow make a difference in the lives of others and trusting that the desires of your own heart will be the rewards in doing so.

When you get tired of envying others, tired of just being, tired of worrying about what others think, tired of the same everyday comfort zone and tired of wasting so much time, vow to yourself that you will find a way to get into your own zone so that you can get in touch with that which you have to offer the world around you and beyond.  Make a promise to yourself to keep going no matter who’s responding and who’s not.  Again, MAKE A PROMISE TO YOURSELF TO KEEP GOING NO MATTER WHO’S RESPONDING AND WHO’S NOT.  Focus as much as you can on your strengths because your strengths are what you will lean on when the more challenging moments occur in the process of reaching your goals.

When you enter into your own zone, you give yourself the gift of presence.  You become present in your own life.  You pay attention to what opens your heart towards others and you do what it takes to nurture your thoughts in the most healthy way.  Find the courage to get into your own zone today instead of always running towards the distractions that keep you from doing so.  There is work to be done with your life but only you can complete the work.  Distractions will never go away.  In fact, they will only compound as time goes on.  Only you can decide when enough is enough.  Only you can decide to step away from the crowd of those going nowhere.  However, nothing will change nor will any kind of progress transpire in your life until you and only you decide to cut ties with the distractions around you and get into your own zone.  Don’t you deserve the best life you can possibly live?  When will you make a change and get started?  Anybody can make excuses.


Author Tawana R. Powell

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