What is the highest level of respect between one another? The Truth

How many times have you been asked a question or for an opinion, and felt obligated to only share an answer that would especially ease tension and spare feelings? Any time this happens and we decide not to honor truth, we automatically neglect the human spirit and show disrespect to one another. Not only do we all deserve truth and honesty at all times, but we also owe it to ourselves to be open to the truth and receive it with an empowering spirit.

When a question or opinion is asked, many of those who don’t answer truthfully don’t do so because of their concern for feelings and sometimes out of concern for what the truth will mean for themselves. Not wanting to hurt the inquirer’s feelings, not wanting the inquirer to feel rejected, and not wanting to disappoint, the untruthful individual will make the decision to conceal that of most importance, the answer most needed and deserved by everyone involved. Even when the decision is made to conceal the truth because of concern for one’s own welfare, to make such a decision of negligence is demeaning to the inquirer in several different ways. And in these instances of deceit, it is often found out that had the truth been honored, it could have and often times would have offered the freedom we all claim to want so badly; freedom to be who we are, accept who we are, and to live in peace.

Anytime we make the decision to conceal the truth from someone, especially from one who is longing for the truth, we instantly take away from their intelligence and we immediately undermine who they are. Who are we to say someone is not wise enough or intelligent enough to receive and accept the truth? When we take it upon ourselves to decide what part or pieces of the truth should be shared, we automatically demean one’s very existence and take away the opportunity for one to recognize and rely on their own strengths. No one knows completely of what another individual is capable of achieving, good or bad. Therefore, it becomes disrespectful to hold back on truth simply because of our own needs and our own assumptions of what someone else can and cannot handle. Making the decision to be deceitful also takes away from a possible opportunity for growth, enlightenment, and maybe even the opportunity for someone to learn something new about themselves. Concealing truthfulness from anyone takes away from abilities they may have that we know nothing about. And when this happens, profound opportunities, development, and growth are often missed all because an individual decides to show a lack of respect for truth.

Being honest and truthful is indeed the highest respect we can ever pay another individual. Most importantly, it helps us to stay out of the way of another’s growth potential. Relinquishing our self-appointed right to assume what one can and cannot handle is the way to honor such respect. We can never know how life-changing truth can be for so many around us when we constantly replace truth with our own self-serving comforts. Being honest with one another falls in line with treating others the way we want to be treated. More times than not, if not always, we are quick to claim we always want the truth ourselves, whether good or bad, whether disappointing or liberating. Just the same, we should not only expect to receive but to also give. It is never our responsiblity or choice to decide who should be distanced from their truth. If we can learn to understand the power in truth, what we would find is that although some truths may be painful, disappointing, even discouraging at times, eventually liberation and freedom takes over and life continues to evolve for the better and for the greater.

How honest are you when your voice is requested in matters around you? Our ability to be honest and truthful shows the level of compassion we’ve attained for others. Compassion is not always about sparing someone’s feelings, but, more importantly, it is having the ability to inform with love, to inform with respect. When you know you’ve been honest and truthful towards another human being, it not only allows them to grow, make their own decisions, and find their own way, but it also relieves you of robbing them of what their life could be. And even though you may not have been honest in past situations, it is never too late to develop this highest level of respect for yourself and for those around you. As uncomfortable as truth may sometimes be, when you know that the most important aspect of truth is respect, your conscience will always see you through.

Be honest with people…..it’s the greatest form of respect you can ever give.



Tawana R. Powell

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